Let's Break Swapcard!

Tuesday, April 20

9:00 AM MDT | 11:00 AM EDT | 5:00 PM CET

Break Swapcard’s video roundtable, and test out its audio-only roundtable for the FIRST TIME!

Ever since hiring industry influencer, Julius Solaris, to join them as their Head of Engagement, you've probably seen the name Swapcard swirling around the #eventprof community more than ever lately. Hot off the heels of their Evolve 2.0 event, they have released a series of new features they want us to test - and maybe break!

Swapcard has quietly released their roundtable feature lately. These are small, interactive breakout groups that allow for groups up to 100 to engage with each other. If you haven't tried it yourself, make sure you join us on April 20!

The Swapcard team also has a "gift" exclusive for the #EventProfsBreakShit community.

Still in BETA, we are going to have an opportunity to test its audio-only roundtable feature - à la Clubhouse - that is not yet made available to the public yet.


Be one of the first #eventprofs to check out and to try this new feature and let's see if it holds up to the power of our #EventProfsBreakShit army.

Join us for this interactive event, which will include short presentations, remarks from Julius himself, and then a chance for you to really put their new roundtable features to the test.