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#EventProfs testing #EventTech together.



#EventProfsBreakShit is a community of event management professionals who come together to test and experience event tech platforms as a group.


We work with event technology providers to set up virtual events that allow you to truly experience the platform, no strings attached. No rules. No pre-canned demo videos. No sales pitch you have to sit through. Just a group of event professionals actually using the platform, exploring its capabilities and putting it to the test - so we are better equipped to make event tech decisions to create better events for our clients.


Covid-19 has drastically changed the landscape of the event industry and event technology. Seemingly overnight, #EventProfs were inundated with "pivot this", "virtual that", and requests for us to sit through endless tech demos that promised to revolutionize our events....

If you have dipped your toe into the event tech world, you know that researching and testing event technology is very time consuming and overwhelming. Oftentimes, after reading the product guide and sitting through a 45 minute demo, you still don't know if the software can do what you need
it to do or whether it's worth the hefty
price tag.

Join us at our

next event
and let's

break some shiT!

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