​As an #eventtech provider, how are you cutting through the noise?


The marketplace for event technology platforms is being flooded with new solutions every day.  You are competing with other demos, sales webinars, and product launches and if you don't stand out, you are being lost.


To get ahead of the competition, you need to get eyes on your product. 


#EventProfsBreakShit delivers your target audience right to your platform so you can showcase how your product is different.


  • DESIGNED BY #EVENTPROFS FOR #EVENTPROFS: We will work with you to plan an event on your platform. Our team is comprised of senior event professionals who can work with you to create and design an event that appeals to other event professionals. 

  • HONEST, PRACTICAL FEEDBACK FROM YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: A feedback document will be created during the event with input provided directly from the #eventprofs attending the event.  This feedback is candid, honest and comes directly from your target audience and outlines what they think would make your product better. We will share this document with you. In addition, the results from our post-event survey are also shared with you.

  • PROMOTION OF YOUR BRAND & PRODUCT: We will promote the event through our social media channels and networks, therefore exposing your brand to #eventprofs all over the world. The event will be marketed to a community of 400+ #eventprofs and on average, we see attendance range from 100-150 #eventprofs. 



  • This is not a demo, sales pitch or canned presentation. We want to see exactly how your product works - the way our attendees would experience it. Any technical issues or problems with your platform are your responsibility to attend to and manage.

  • You need to be prepared to unleash the attendees on your platform, knowing that we could (and likely will) break it.

  • Your team needs to designate a lead who will work with us to create & design the event.

  • We cannot guarantee the number of attendees, but we typically see 100-150 #eventprofs register for each #EventProfsBreakShit event.

  • COST:

    • ​​We believe that every event and experience requires strategy, thought and design. Our team will work with you to design an event for #eventprofs by #eventprofs. Backed by senior event professionals, we work to build an event that will appeal to #eventprofs to attract the largest audience possible for your event. In order to provide these resources, there are costs associated with setting up an #EventProfsBreakShit event.

  • There is a fixed fee for us to design, create, excute, and market the event that starts from $500 USD, depending on the complexity of your product and how much event design, coordination & management is required from our team.

  • There is a 10% referral fee for any sales generated directly from our event for a period of 6 months after the event. You must be able to set up tracking measures to track sales generated from the #EventProfsBreakShit event.

If you are an #EventTech company and you want us to test (and break!) your platform, please contact us at