Let's Break Shindig

Tuesday, February 2

7:30 AM PST | 8:30 AM MST | 10:30 AM EST

Shindig Logo.png

Shindig’s full end to end virtual event platform boasts a dynamic forum for virtual events that enables hosts to deliver video conferences, lecture, seminar, concerts, interview or media event to live audiences of thousands of people.  

Widely used by large organizations like Netflix, Harvard University, and the United Nations Foundation, Shindig is built on the principal of user-driven participation, where attendees control the show. What better way to test Shindig than to unleash the #eventprofsbreakshit community on it?

Join us for a show and tell discussion with Shindig Founder, Steve Gottlieb, to learn more about the platform, test out the audience functionality, experience live one-on-one spontaneous chats, and get a sneak peek into the robust back-end of the event.  Can it handle what it claims? Can we break Shindig?