Let's Break SpatialChat!

Thursday, June 24

8:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT | 5:00 PM CET

A new venue is in town - and you are invited to check it out!


On June 24, we are going to test (and maybe break?) SpatialChat. SpatialChat is a virtual venue that recreates real-life interactions. It’s going to be a very different experience compared to most of the virtual event platforms you are familiar with.


They claim that you can host any type of event on SpatialChat, and you can interact with each other just like at an in-person event. Join us on June 24 and let’s test these claims!

Be one of the few #eventprofs to check out and to try this new platform and let's see if it holds up to the power of our #EventProfsBreakShit army.